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It is not about us; it is all about you! Never let someone else tell you otherwise.

Discover the world. Discover your life, there is a magnificent and majestic world to explore within you!

Dare to be bold, be bold enough to dare.

DXHIVE mission is not to sell but to add value and enhance the life of our audience, and we enjoy do it that!

Dream, express yourself freely, create, innovate, work, blossom, grow, play, succeed, live life to its fullest!

We enjoy interacting with our audience! Got feedbacks? Got ideas? Just want to say hello? Go for it, we want to hear from you!


- The DXHIVE Team
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Our On-Line Boutique DXHIVE Vanity
Extraordinary collections for extraordinary women! Where beauty meets with fitness. A Diva´s delight! Expect to find in our on-line boutique the best, the most efficient, the most exotic, and affordable lux collections. Skin care, cosmetics, sportswear, nutrition, apparel and more. Our products have been tested by our team, and only the best survived the tests, you can buy our products with your eyes closed. If not satisfied we will refund your purchase 100% satisfaction guarantee! Ready for something new, efficient, exotic? Ready to stand above the crowd? Check us out!
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Our Brick and Mortar Boutique in Sofia, Bulgaria
In our boutique you will find everything that we have on our on-line boutique but also more. We want you to feel at home when you come to see us, that annoying and sometimes intimidating checkout counter… we made it disappear. You won’t be attacked by a sales person preventing you to look freely as you please. Who you will meet in our store is our ambassador, she is part of the DXHIVE Team, she is here to answer all your questions, to educate you on products, to bring a smile on your beautiful face and to foster a long term relationship with us. You may be surprised after leaving our store that you had fun and made a new friend! We want you to have WOW! moments with us.
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Thursday Night Events
Beginning in January 2020, we will turn every Thursday evening into a memorable evening. We will have special free events in our boutique each week with diverse topics such as : learn about the 10 Steps Korean Regimen for a beautiful and radiant skin, the art of facial massage to keep your skin toned and to fight aging, problem skin: learn how to take control and get rid of skin problems, nutrition and sports nutrition, and more.
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DXHIVE Studio, Coworking for Muses
This is something that we are really entertaining doing sometime during winter 2019, a very unique and exciting concept, we are in full brainstorming mode. If we have the space why not share it? Why not create a space where creative people can work and share their passion? A coworking space for creative minds, where fashionista meet digital talent. A place where ideas, imagination, creativity, and innovation blossom. A place where artists can startup at a very low cost and build their dream business. Where expertise is exchanged freely without strings attached. Where we all are muses in the room. Stay tuned for more info on DXHIVE Studio in Sofia! Interested? Have ideas? Then contact us we want to hear from you:
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DXHIVE Vanity Transformational Retreats
In the work, DXHIVE Vanity Transformational Retreats are not to be missed if you want to enhance yourself, learn beauty and fitness pro tips, make your social media feed scream for years to come and have a unique experience. We are about to smash the world of retreats, break the regular boring vacations mold, you will learn how to become a powerful Diva no one will ever miss in a room, the one others envy, we will also teach you tips and tricks in social media success, you will put other phone selfies to shame, a SPA will be a thing of the past, you will enjoy a life changing experience, it is all about you, after all it is your life let us help you be the Diva that you always wanted to be ! DXHIVE is redefining vacations and retreats, time for a change and getting off the beaten paths.